How to Dress for a Formal Dinner Party

Formal dress for men

Read the invitation carefully to determine what will be appropriate attire for the evening. If the invitation says, “black tie,” then you will need to wear a tuxedo. If you own a tux, make sure it is still in style, still fits and that all the needed accessories are ready to go. Should you rent a tuxedo, check out your rental to make sure that you account for all the pieces such as a vest, cummerbund, shirt, shoes and maybe cuff links, not to mention check to see if all the buttons are sewn on.

  • Seeing that the invitation says “black tie optional” would mean that a very nice dark suit, preferably dark blue or black would be acceptable in place of a tuxedo if you prefer. Should you choose to wear the suit instead of a tuxedo, make sure that the tie you wear is of formal status and not casual.
  • Know that if you are invited to a “white tie” dinner formal, that this is a very formal affair. It means the whole monkey suit, formal shirt, vest, “white tie,” cummerbund, cuff links and the shiny black shoes. Some may even want to put on the ritz with a top hat, tails and cane.
  • Accept the fact that if the formal dinner is a part of a wedding and you are a part of the wedding party, you will need to wear what the bride and groom have requested you wear, even if it’s a tuxedo with a pink ruffled shirt.
  • Realize that wearing a white dinner jacket and formal black pants or tuxedo pants to a formal dinner party would be considered acceptable attire as well, especially if it’s a small personal affair or dinner.

Formal dress for women

  • Grab that “little black dress” from the back of the closet when that invitation to a formal dinner party arrives. Of course, your dress needs to be in the class of a cocktail dress. It can be short, meaning at the knee or slightly above, with a formal touch. This could mean a little sheen to the fabric or even a few touches of rhinestone accessories. Be sure to wear tasteful and color-blending shoes and evening style handbag.
  • Wear a long formal dress to a formal dinner party that is of a more grand nature or maybe even a media involved event. Again, make sure your shoes and handbag are coordinated with your dress.
  • Look great in formal evening pants. This never means denim of any type. Your formal evening pants should have some flow to them and be topped with an evening style top, camisole or jacket.
  • Attend an evening formal dinner that is part of a wedding by wearing any of the dress attires listed above. Of course, if you are in the wedding party, you’ll have to abide with what the bride and groom have selected for your formal dress attire.

What the Cool Kids Wore: Top Trends at SXSW 2014

Sharon Feiereisen March 18th, 2014

SXSW has just wrapped and so we turned to Sarah Owen, juniors editor at WGSN, the worldwide leader in fashion trend forecasting, to find out about the major trends to come out of the festival. “The trends we spotted are quite youth-driven and also communicate a more directional consumer look,” says Owen who suggests that instead of trying to work them all in at once, we incorporate elements of them into our wardrobe. See below for the top trends from this year’s annual music, film and interactive Austin conference/festival.

Statement Sunglasses

“The statement sunglasses shown here are Prada. The brand is doing a great job when it comes to adding an artistic aesthetic to an item that you generally don’t want to be too overpowering,” explains Owen.

Double Denim

“Double denim works best when styled tonally with lighter washes for shirting and rider jackets and deeper indigo shades for jeans,” says Owen.

Odd Sneakers

“Sneakers really had their moment on the Fall 2014 runways with Chanel and Dior taking an overtly feminine approach to the mostly street-focused item. At SXSW, girls and guys mixed odd sneakers together to add stark color and pattern contrast to their footwear,” explains Owen.

Street Goth Looks

“SXSW isn’t generally associated with a boho aesthetic as it is the only music festival that boasts quite a diverse and eclectic roster of music genres,” says Owen. “This then informs the audience and we see a range of looks from urban streetwear kids from Houston to indie vintage-inspired girls from Los Angeles. Festival style as a whole moves at a slower pace than catwalks, but it’s those pockets of trends that bubble up from the street that really give newness to general festival looks.”

Fanny Packs

“Fanny packs are definitely about practicality but there is also an element of design and interest there which is important to the juniors market. For example, the Mickey Mouse patch fanny pack,” highlights Owen.

Back Messages

“Back messages have been emerging throughout this past year. Bold marker-pen lettering or naïve paintbrush effects are used to create tongue-in-cheek statements on the back of boxy denim jackets and utility shirts. Slogans were moody, emotive and rebellious with statements such as ‘I hate everyone’ and ‘I’m not sorry,’” notes Owen.

Footballers also fashion icons off World Cup pitch

With thousands of cameras capturing their every move for billions of fans, footballers know the World Cup isn’t just about sport – it’s about tattoos, hairstyles, clothes and the big business of setting trends.

They arrive at airports, training sessions, press conferences and matches with carefully crafted looks, conscious that a new hairdo or tattoo can set social media networks abuzz – and that global brands with multimillion-dollar sponsorship deals are watching.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese captain and reigning world player of the year, sparked a flurry of tweets when he emerged from the dressing room for Sunday’s match against the United States with what looked like a lightning bolt shaved into the side of his head.

The 29-year-old – whose endorsements account for some $28 million of his estimated $80 million yearly earnings – had already caused a sensation just before the tournament by posing nude with supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk for Vogue’s Spanish edition.

Brazil’s star striker Neymar, 22, meanwhile appeared in the magazine’s Brazilian edition with supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

And French striker Olivier Giroud, 27, turned heads by posing bare-chested for gay magazine Tetu.

Like former England captain turned underwear model David Beckham, or Bayern Munich manager and fashion plate Pep Guardiola, these players’ style can draw the same worldwide attention as their moves on the pitch.

And while the likes of CR7 and Becks are already superstars, a new generation of footballers is dreaming of converting World Cup success into new contracts and sponsorship deals.

Some of the most emblematic images of the World Cup are of the teams coming off their planes in suits and ties. Fashion houses fight among themselves to attach their names to this dapper scene.

Most teams give the job to a homegrown brand.

At the 2010 World Cup, England bypassed sophisticated Savile Row tailors this year for lightweight wool and mohair suits by middle-class staple Marks & Spencer.

Fans and fashion hounds alike have been snapping up replica versions, which retail for £199 ($340).

The choice raised some eyebrows on social networks.

“England’s World Cup made-to-measure suit cost £199 from Marks & Spencer. Wonder how £100,000-per-week-earning players feel about that,” wrote Twitter user Always Boleh.

“The price of the FA suit is in line with the rest of our tailoring offer,” said company spokeswoman Emma Richman.

“Simple, slim-fitting and stylish,” GQ magazine said of England’s suits. “It might not be the most obvious ensemble for a South American summer break, but what did you expect — a linen safari suit and ‘mandals?’”

Esquire begged to differ. “With suits, affordability comes with hidden costs, and in this case it’s style,” it said.

The grey three-piece is more accessible than the swank navy ensemble put together for Italy by Dolce & Gabbana, the Azzurri’s official tailor since 2006.

Germany went with national luxury brand Hugo Boss, while Spain went with classic suits offset by red ties by Pedro del Hierro, which is selling them online for 280 euros ($380).

Sadly for the dethroned champions, they will not have the chance to wear them anymore at this World Cup.

France for its part opted for select line Smalto, known for making bespoke suits for dignitaries and executives.

Armani Jeans, Lanvin, Paul Smith, Hackett, Trussardi and Roberto Verino have all dressed different clubs.

And the tie-ups can extend beyond clothes. Many fashion houses plan to launch hair gels, underwear, watches and other products to complete the masculine wardrobe.

“Male players are more and more image-conscious,” said Brazilian superstar Marta, considered one of the best women footballers of all time.

The comment came after a recent caricature of her and Neymar. It depicts her training hard as he looks in the mirror, combing his hair and putting on earrings.

5 major trends in the sports Fashion

Sportswear plays a huge role in every woman’s wardrobe. The times when the track suit was designed exclusively for sport and fitness facilities are long gone. Today, designers and fashion designers from all over the world call us feel free to use sports clothes in daily life, providing us with a huge variety of styles and colours, fashion this season.

1. The most popular in this season will be the sportswear of suede and plush. It looks very impressive, so you can use it not only for trips to the gym, but also to meet with friends or shopping.

2. Lycra suits and other materials with stretch property are perfect for practising any sport. They do not hold down the movement and allow your body to feel better. This season, it is best to give their preference to shorter top-am, breeches and shorts of bright colours.

3. Shorts, T-shirts and tank tops of cotton material – this is another trend of the summer season. Besides the fact that they look very stylish, they also allow the skin to “breathe”, which you will agree, is important.

4. Did not go unnoticed this season and sports dress. They will become an indispensable thing for trips to the pool or the sea. It is best to choose the model of cotton and linen and knitwear. Sportswear such a plan preferring designers such as Moschino, Richard Nicoll, etc.

5. Do not forget about another trend of the season – bright colours and colours. In favour will sportswear blue, red, yellow and orange hues. Do not go out of fashion and classic colours – black and white. As for the prints, the most popular are floral, geometric and animal designs.

Weird fashion trends for men

Short shorts are nothing new for women. If you have great legs, they can look amazing. Now men are deciding they want in on the act, and they’re not just going short — they’re going super short.

At Dolce and Gabanna, some of the shorts were so short they looked like swim trunks.

Versace showed its fair share of skimpy shorts, too. Even preppy American companies like Bonobos are cranking out shorter shorts. Its 9- and 7-inch versions are now joined by its top selling 5-inch ones. In fact the shorts with the 5-inch inseam are so popular that they come in 19 different colors.

Style expert Patrick Ferreira says women don’t have a lock on great legs; if you’ve got it flaunt it.

And how about that old Seattle favorite: the socks and sandals look? David Beckham thinks it’s cool but on the streets of NYC, the consensus was “not so much.”

Finally, let’s talk about male cleavage (better known as “heaveage”). John Travolta was sporting it in the 1970s. Now it’s back. Jude Law and other starts are big fans. Our style expert says go ahead try it: a low-cut shirt on a man can be super sexy. And most people I spoke to agreed.

5 Top Trends From Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014: From Sixties Mods Through To Winter Sports

With runways so highly saturated in pleasing clothes, debut designer collections and an A-list FROW to rival all others, Paris Fashion Week has been more than fantastic. One thing that we have noticed during the course of the past month’s autumnw/winter 2014 presentations is that the fashion biz appears to have been split into polar opposites – with one half championing all that is classic, investable, timeless and the other creating more instantly covetable, unadulterated fashion moments, complete with novelty items and recognisable prints, fabrics, motifs and accessories.

Either way, imaginations have run wild – from the wardrobe items themselves to the catwalk sets they are seen on. Karl Lagerfeld invited his ticket holders to the chicest supermarket know to man and even managed to make the classic Chanel chain handbags morph into ‘humble’ metal shopping baskets so convincingly that no mortal could doubt for a second that they’d be flying off the shelves in six months’ time. For a more discerning dresser relaxed tailoring prevailed, as did friendly mid heels and a new, easy mod mood surfaced at, amongst others, Louis Vuitton under Nicolas Ghesquiere’s first collection.

With that all in mind, you could say we’ve finally reached a kind of equilibrium – somewhere in between the sensible camel coats and the crazy clutch bags. Modern ladies surely want a bit of both, right? So here are the five trends that can be pared back, should you want to, or explored to their very maximum…





5. MAN-UP:

Molo Kids casual clothes

Molo Kids from Denmark is rapidly developing. What started as a small colorful Danish label is so slow a larger European children’s fashion brand. Did you know for example that the KaDeWe in Berlin and Oberpollinger in Munich also offer the colorful and high quality clothes from Molo Kids since 2012? Time for a nice conversation with Nini Andersen, Marketing Coordinatorin at Molo Kids, probably the most casual children’s fashion label from Denmark.

1.Dear Nini, how would you describe the new spring and summer 2013 collection from Molo Kids?

Of course, very unique and colorful as you would expect from Molo. Particularly striking this summer is the ” Molo Art” project. In the ” Molo Art” project, which was specifically set up for the spring / summer collection 2013, seven hand-picked illustrators and graphic designers have designed a special design for our T -shirts.

2.What is your favorite item of the kids Spring and Summer Collection?

Molo is mainly known for his raw style, unique prints, funny silhouettes and colorful color explosions. This season, keeping the boys, but especially the girls, with the main trends in the fashion scene with: floral motifs, digital prints, many dynamic motifs such as zebras and flamingos and colorful neon effects. And also iconic dots and stripes decorate this summer the garments of our boys and girls.

This spectacular dress, Clary ‘ shows the fun and uniqueness in an innovative way. Inspired by the French shadow theater dominates a carousel print in black and white the dress with matching embroidered Neonpastelltönen and iconic, Molo ‘ stars. Clown points on the mouse, a Zirkushut on top of the little bird and the dachshund give the dress a fantasy twist, and the beautiful Zebra will be determined melt many girls’ hearts.

Puma – The best from the category Sports and Sportswear

Puma GutscheincodeIn the present time no one can excuse the fact that he does not know the importance of exercise for getting the health. Practitioners of all regions always indicate that many diseases would be avoided with regular exerted sports and overweight would have no chance. Along with a balanced diet sport is therefore vital in order to get all the functions of the body over the long term and also to the well-being to increase significantly.

Buy sports clothing inexpensive Internet

Finding the right sport for themselves, while not always easy, but who will be tried probably soon find something that is fun. Whether jogging or walking, whether tennis or squash: There is so much that can also learn the Ungeübteste quickly. In practicing any sport, however, it is important to always carry also the correct clothes. This should be functional, ie, it must be wind and waterproof, breathable and of course comfortable.

The same goes for the shoes. There are for virtually every sport the appropriate shoe, which has the important task of protecting the joints, sight and muscles during exercise. Brand shoes, such as Puma, can be purchased easily and quickly on the internet. The selection here is mostly huge because the online stores of the brand manufacturers have usually a huge selection.

Clothing brand such as Adidas T Shirts promises quality

Well-known brands in apparel are not only for fashion and style, but also for high quality. Adidas T Shirts, for example, are ideal for sports and leisure, material and workmanship are all tailored to the needs of the active medium. However, this quality can only offer the originals. Fake branded items are always in circulation, but their properties, both in terms of material properties and processing, can very often much to be desired.

One considered in the purchase of T shirts printing and label, you can protect yourself well against cheap fakes. The imprint of the corporate labels and the tag sewn to make the original clearly visible. Who wants to be sure to purchase the original brand dress, should buy the appropriate store.

Thus one finds in well-known sports stores Adidas T Shirts guarantees that meet even the highest, who is looking solid and reliable sports apparel, here is certainly correct. But despite all the practical benefits does not have to be dispensed date styling.

So follow it is for sports T shirts printing, color and cut to the latest fashion trends, so that about Adidas T Shirts certainly also eminently suitable for casual wear. High-quality brand clothing stands out not only by high quality, but also build quality. Shirts printing and color after a short time or a few washes, labels, prints and colors are sure to last for branded products and make a good impression of the garment over time.

Fade in many poorly made, cheap T. So it is quite possible that already Shirts very soon replace print and logo on fake T, the garment is thereby often so disfigured that you will not want to wear it.

A quality piece of clothing from a reputable manufacturer, however, can bring joy for years. Especially for sportswear separates one only reluctantly of pieces, which fit well and are comfortable to wear. But be unsightly in the T shirts printing and color, one would thus hardly turn his jogging laps. Brand products such as Adidas T shirts, tailored to the specific claims, which provide athletes to their clothing, are reliable and attractive companion for sport, but also what you like can be seen in other recreational activities for a long time.

New York Fashion Week: The top 5 Spring 2014 trends to try now

Hold on to your Homies T-shirts, New York Fashion Week is still in full swing for Spring 2014 and we’re seeing so much we already can’t wait to wear. Here are the top 5 trends that are getting us excited for spring.

Athlete’s world

Sport luxe has been in the air for the past couple of seasons but with so many designers embracing the athletic look, consider Spring 2014 it’s official coming out party. At DKNY windbreakers, racer tanks and track pants raced down the runway, while VPL went all the way active with running tights, technical t-shirts and workout gear constructed from water-repellant wicking fabrics. Even Vera Wang dabbled in sport chic with crop tops, technical mesh and zip-up track jackets.

Day glow brights

Vivid pastels and chalky brights are lighting up the runways for spring. DKNY showed outfits in highlighter hues of pink, yellow and turquoise, Jeremy Laing took inspiration from sidewalk chalk for his collection of Malibu-ready looks, and Prabal Gurung and Oscar de la Renta pumped up the volume on pastels for posh eveningwear. Even J.Crew and Calla got into the act with surf-inspired, California brights.

Liquid metallics

The metallics trend comes back every year but this season the approach is less edgy futuristic, more silky, sheeny and sophisticated. Gold and silver lamé skirts at Altuzarra dressed up body hugging henleys, and a shiny lace print skirt and jacket look was pure uptown elegance at Tory Burch. Meanwhile, a psychedelic oil-slick effect upped the interest on a shiny metallic coat at Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Laser tag

From sheer materials and mesh fabrics to open weave sweaters and frosty latex layers, designers are hinting suggestively at skin for spring. At the intricate end of the spectrum, laser cut details gave designers another more embellished way of exploring the idea. Tory Burch layered lattice-cut leathers over spring knits, Alexander Wang lasered his own name onto everything from pleated skirts and dresses to jackets and gloves, and Threeasfour laser-cut complex geometrical shapes into layered silks to create a 3D effect.

And did we mention crop tops?

A couple days into New York Fashion Week, we were pretty sure crop tops were trending for spring, and now that we’re more than halfway through the week, well let’s just say it would almost be easier to list the shows that didn’t cop a crop on the runway this season. We continued to see model midriff everywhere from Tibi, Tommy Hilfiger and Prabal Gurung for ICB to Vera Wang, Narciso Rodriguez and Rodarte. Just to name a few!