5 major trends in the sports Fashion

Sportswear plays a huge role in every woman’s wardrobe. The times when the track suit was designed exclusively for sport and fitness facilities are long gone. Today, designers and fashion designers from all over the world call us feel free to use sports clothes in daily life, providing us with a huge variety of styles and colours, fashion this season.

1. The most popular in this season will be the sportswear of suede and plush. It looks very impressive, so you can use it not only for trips to the gym, but also to meet with friends or shopping.

2. Lycra suits and other materials with stretch property are perfect for practising any sport. They do not hold down the movement and allow your body to feel better. This season, it is best to give their preference to shorter top-am, breeches and shorts of bright colours.

3. Shorts, T-shirts and tank tops of cotton material – this is another trend of the summer season. Besides the fact that they look very stylish, they also allow the skin to “breathe”, which you will agree, is important.

4. Did not go unnoticed this season and sports dress. They will become an indispensable thing for trips to the pool or the sea. It is best to choose the model of cotton and linen and knitwear. Sportswear such a plan preferring designers such as Moschino, Richard Nicoll, etc.

5. Do not forget about another trend of the season – bright colours and colours. In favour will sportswear blue, red, yellow and orange hues. Do not go out of fashion and classic colours – black and white. As for the prints, the most popular are floral, geometric and animal designs.