Weird fashion trends for men

Short shorts are nothing new for women. If you have great legs, they can look amazing. Now men are deciding they want in on the act, and they’re not just going short — they’re going super short.

At Dolce and Gabanna, some of the shorts were so short they looked like swim trunks.

Versace showed its fair share of skimpy shorts, too. Even preppy American companies like Bonobos are cranking out shorter shorts. Its 9- and 7-inch versions are now joined by its top selling 5-inch ones. In fact the shorts with the 5-inch inseam are so popular that they come in 19 different colors.

Style expert Patrick Ferreira says women don’t have a lock on great legs; if you’ve got it flaunt it.

And how about that old Seattle favorite: the socks and sandals look? David Beckham thinks it’s cool but on the streets of NYC, the consensus was “not so much.”

Finally, let’s talk about male cleavage (better known as “heaveage”). John Travolta was sporting it in the 1970s. Now it’s back. Jude Law and other starts are big fans. Our style expert says go ahead try it: a low-cut shirt on a man can be super sexy. And most people I spoke to agreed.